Yet another shiny object to distract our creative endeavors
If the social media sites go up in flames, will your fans know where to find you?
YOUR TRUE FANS LOVE HEARING FROM YOUWatch now (2 min) | Stop worrying about unfollows - focus on the fans you got

January 2023

Stay creative and make sure you're actually reaching your fans
Carve out your space in your own unique way
Invest in work that pays off down the road
Good luck reaching your fans on social media in 2023!
Ascend the search result listings and reap your rewards
Tips on avoiding the Promotions tab, the SPAM folder, and $1000s in fines
If you haven't aced your current channels, stay the heck home
CASSETTES & EMAIL MARKETING WILL OUTLIVE EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMRegardez maintenant (11 sec) | ALSO: Have you updated your website this year?
No matter how many followers you have, you gotta be patient